What’s Up Apex?

apexresortWhat's New

A lot! We’ve been busy as bees up here getting ready for the upcoming ski season, from moving dirt all over the mountain to behind the scenes website updates! We are especially excited for some new runs that will be opening up this winter.

A fun addition to our terrain on the Stocks triple chair, a brand-new blue run that begins near the top of the Finger, down to where it forks off to Lucky Strike or Whipsaw. The other one is a black run that will be groomed, starting from the top of the Quickdraw Quad chair, funneling into the top of Stocks triple chair. That definitely has us dreaming about those pearly white flakes falling out of the sky.

Up next! We have moved a TON of dirt (well actually more like 100’s tons) around in the terrain park, Claim Jumper. This is cool for a couple of reasons. One, we are going to have better jumps for those backside 1080’s (or 3’s) you’ve been trying to get to your feet. Two, it creates more space for more fun features. Three, we will be able to open the park earlier(still snow dependant, but it will help a lot!)

You may have heard this one already… The Bus is Back!! It’s now a permanent fixture in our Claim Jumper terrain park as a cool new judge’s stand. We have moved the seats so you can sit and watch people throwin’ down on the jumps or the rail line just out the window. We can’t wait for our first event!

And finally! We are getting a fancy new website that will be super easy for you to use. Our new website will be launching very soon! What’s in it for you? Ease of use. Mobile friendly. Snow report is RIGHT there. The event calendar is much improved. And, pictures are super easy to flip through!

To top it all off, a fresh layer of snow fell last night from the top all the way to the base of the mountain! Is it a sign of a great season to come? All we know is that it’s got us day-dreaming of never-ending, chest-deep pow-lines.. don’t worry we still get work done 🙂