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Terrain Parks

Terrain Parks at Apex Mountain Resort

4 Parks, 4 Skill levels

There’s a park for everyone at Apex Mountain. Know your skill level, and go have fun!

Please Note:

Helmets are mandatory in ALL Apex Mountain Resort Terrain Parks

All varying in size and skill level, Apex Mountain Resort has 4 different terrain parks for you to enjoy. In order of skill level, the parks are:

  • Little Nuggets Terrain Park – A beginner park for kids, or those just starting out with some tricks, Little Nuggets is the perfect place to gain confidence on some smaller features. This park is located on the right side of Magic Carpet, and is complete with a couple 5ft roll-overs, a couple of boxes, and a small rail.
  • Okanagan Terrain Park – Ready to step it up? Then Okanagan Park is where you want to head next! This park is adjacent to our T-Bar, and is the only terrain park open at night on Friday’s & Saturday’s. This park has roll-overs ranging from 5ft to 15ft, some larger more difficult rails, and a selection of jumps to choose from.
  • Prospector Terrain Park – This park is the best spot to seriously step up your skills! It is a full size progression park featuring skill building jumps and roll-overs up to 20ft. More boxes, rails, and even some small gaps will be waiting for you here.
  • Claim Jumper Terrain Park – Our big feature park! Advanced riders only is recommended. This park has some challenging step-ups, larger jump gaps, and longer rails. With jumps ranging from 20ft-50ft, this is where you will catch the big air!