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Season Pass Rates

Season Pass Rates

What better way to enjoy your winter, than buying a Season Pass? Apex Mountain is a hidden gem of the Okanagan that we want you to enjoy to the fullest!

Season Pass Prices

23/24 Pass Rates

Adult (19-64)$935
Teen (13-18)$660
Junior (8-12)$475
Senior (65-69)$660
Masters (70+)$475
Child (7 & -)$19
Uni Student$660
Child & Tube Pass$97

23/24 Family Pass Rates

Adult (19-64)$805
Teen (13-18)$565
Junior (8-12)$405
Child (7 & -)$19

Early Bird Rates (24/25)


Adult (19-64)
Teen (13-18)
Junior (8-12)
Senior (65-69)
Masters (70+)
Child (7 & -)
Uni Student
Child & Tube Pass

16 FREE lift tickets to other resorts

2 Free lifts tickets to: Silver Star, Mt. Washington, Mt. Seymour, Manning Park, & Baldy Mountain

3 Free lifts tickets to: Whitewater & Castle Mountain (Mid-week only)

Riding for FREE

After 9 days of skiing, an adult rides the rest of of the season for FREE! Only 7.5 days for a teen, junior, or senior.

Buddy Passes for your friends

Bring your friend, and they can get a ticket for 50% off! Each season pass holder gets 2 buddy passes!

(Can only be for a pass of equal or less value)

Not valid on Saturday’s & holidays

Payment plans

There are several payment plans available to you. These make a season pass affordable, so you just have to worry about what day you are visiting.

Important Terms & Conditions

For full list, please click here

  • A family is defined as three people or more; one or both parents and their children, over 7 and under 19 years old, living at home. Families of five or more only pay for the four eldest members and the remaining family members are FREE
  • All Apex Season Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable, UNLESS you purchase the refund option
  • Passes cannot be issued until all payments are completed/processed
  • Prices listed above DO NOT include taxes
  • A buddy pass can only be redeemed for a pass of equal or less value than the pass-holder looking to redeem
  • In order to be eligible for the University rate, you must be a full-time adult student at an accredited post-secondary institution. You must be enrolled in both the fall and winter semesters and proof of registration is required. Students are not counted in the discounted Family rate.
  • Categories are determined by age as of December 31, 2023
  • The $19 Child Season Pass does not include the Tube Park
  • The Child Tube Park Pass includes the Season Pass to ride all lifts

Season Pass Sale Location Info

  • Prior to September 1st, Season Passes can only be purchased online. After September 1st, Season Passes can also be purchased at: Sportchek, Freeride Board shop, & Pentagon Board shop, all in Penticton.
  • Email, fax or mail your application to us along with your credit card information, or you can drop it off at any of the stores listed above
  • Ensure you read, sign, and date the Condition of Sale
  • Clearly select locker preference
  • Complete all required payment information
  • Ensure you fill in all of the information, and check all of the required boxes
  • Be sure to clearly accept or decline the refund option