Tickets and Passes
Discounts & Conditions of Sale

Please see below for the Terms and Conditions for Apex Day Tickets, Apex Power Pass, Season Pass and all other related Event and/or Activity passes.

Family Discount – Applies to Seasons Pass Sales

We have a discount structure for Season Passes purchasing, providing a discount of 15% to families of 3 or more. A family consists of the following: One or both parents and their children, over 7 and under 19 years of age, living at home. Families of five or more only pay for the four oldest members, with the remaining members free. (Please note, free passes are subject to a $19 processing fee, each).

Age Categories

Age categories are determined by the pass holder’s age on December 31, 2022. Identification may be required when purchasing or picking up season passes.

  • Adult (19-64)
  • Teen (13-18)
  • Junior (8-12)
  • Senior (65-69)
  • Master (70+)
  • Child (under 7)
  • Student (full-time, proof required)
Student Status

A discount will be offered to anyone 19 yrs or older who is attending an undergraduate program in an accredited Canadian post secondary educational institution for both the fall and winter semesters (i.e., September 2022 to April 2023). Proof of enrollment in a full-time program must be presented when purchasing a season pass.

Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims

Our insurers require that a liability waiver be signed before a Season Pass can be issued. Parents must sign the waiver form on behalf of children under 19 years of age. In order for waivers to be valid, they must be witnessed by an employee or agent of Apex Mountain Resort (1997) Ltd.

Forgotten Season Passes

A $5 + GST fee will be charged for a single day pass.

Lost Season Passes

All lost or stolen season passes must be immediately reported to the administration office to be hot-listed. The fee to replace lost or stolen passes is $25 + GST.


Season passes are not refundable without the purchase of the Refund Option (see below). Season passes are non-transferable and only valid for the season issued.

Apex Mountain Resort Season Pass Refund Option 2022/2023

Purchasing the refund option provides the assurance of a pro-rated refund due to illness, injury or employment transfers. Without the purchase of the refund option, season passes are non-refundable and non-transferable. Refund option MUST be purchased at the same time as your season pass.

Description of Coverage

Season pass costs will be refunded according to the schedule below. In the event of:

  • Injury, sickness or death of a pass-holder prevents participation in the sport for the remainder of the season.
  • A pass-holder is involuntarily transferred by his/her local employer making it necessary to move his/her residence outside a 200 km radius from Apex Mountain Resort, provided that the date of the transfer is at least 45 days after purchase of the seasons pass. (Only available to residents of Canada and Washington State.)
Terms of Conditions
  • Refund option must be purchased concurrently with the season pass.
  • Apex Mountain Resort (1997) Ltd. must be notified and the pass surrendered within 5 days of non-participation
  • If a parent, spouse (including common law) or children under the age of 18 of a participating pass holder qualifying for a refund is also covered by the Refund Option and chooses to cease participation, he/she is eligible to claim a refund
  • Refund Option Rate: The rate for the refund option is 5% of the Product Total. Refund Option applies only to passes, bus fees and lockers. The refund option is not calculated on GST or Payment Plan administration fees. Refunds will only be considered when the refund option has been purchased. The 5% fee is non-refundable

This option does not cover loss:

  • Caused or contributed by intentional self-injury
  • Due to any injury or sickness that does not prevent the participation in snow sports
  • Due to acts of God, fire, vandalism, labor disputes, weather conditions or mechanical failures
  • Due to change in employment status other than transfer by current employer
  • Normal pregnancy
Refund Schedule

Based on pro-rated amount purchase price:

  • Prior to official opening: 100%
  • Between official opening and Dec 31: 75%
  • January 1 – January 31: 60%
  • February 1 – February 28: 30%
  • March 1 – March 15: 10%
  • After March 15: 0%
How to Present a Claim
  • Present a claim in writing to Apex Mountain Resort (1997) Ltd., Box 1060, Penticton, BC V2A 6J9
  • Provide the following:
  • Medical report from physician with
    • Complete diagnosis
    • Date of first medical treatment
    • Prognosis, including statement that insured is unable to ski or board
    • Return of 2022 / 2023 Season Pass
  • OR in the event of a job transfer, provide a letter from your employer within 15 days of notification of transfer.

Don’t take a chance! No refunds under any circumstances without the Refund Option.