The End

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Well, that was fun. Here’s to another fantastic season at Apex everyone! What an amazing 5 months it’s been. From powder days to spring skiing, sunshine to blizzards, and everything in between, thanks for making it happen! We hope everyone who came out for the final weekend enjoyed themselves.. we sure did! A special thanks to all the brave (or crazy) people that took a dunk in our Slush Cup this year, we hear it was quite cold! Also a thank-you to everyone who built a dummy and sent it off our famous air-site, those dummy’s got some serious air this year and had some spectacular crashes! If you are looking for pictures from the past weekend at Apex check out our Facebook page here, there will be more pictures up soon. Check back here or our Facebook page to stay up to date on all the happenings this summer and when to get the best deal on your seasons pass for next year!