Snowies and Helmets


Not that those two things are necessarily two of the same here. But they are what you need to be equipped this week at Apex Mountain.

First of all, lets just say it simply, it’s been snowing a lot here the last couple days. It is snowing out my window right this minute in fact. And it’s really coming down too! That addresses the ‘snowies’ portion of our blog title today, snowies are required to speed yourself up the mountain to enjoy. With said snowfall comes those sublime powderlines that we spend the warmer 8 months of the year daydreaming about as we gaze out the window at nothing while we supposedly are being productive at work or school.  

Secondly, and I know there is an eager population waiting to know why the ‘helmets’ reference, Claimjumper Terrain Park is open! Let me take a moment to publically throw out a solid props to Jaxson for getting this huge task complete so the shredders can get on… well, shredding! There are new rails, big features and a 60′ table to feast on! Green light, go get’em!

Remember, it is January – that means tiny little lift lines and no rests at the bottom. Pace yourselves for some big days ahead! See you all up here!