Mid Week Riding


This morning there was 8 cm’s of fresh overnight and I thought I would put my marketing hat on and take a picture of someone getting first tracks down the Okanagan Run.  I walked in front of the Gunbarrel at 9:05 with camera in hand and looked up at a perfect carpet of fresh snow on top of groomed on the Okanagan Run.  There wasn’t one track on it and I thought to myself this is perfect timing I will get a great shot of a first track and then go and post it.  I hiked up the run a bit to get a good angle and thought wow, there is still not one person coming down yet.  I was waiting and waiting and thinking the temperature is a perfect minus 5, no wind, clear skies, fresh snow overnight and no one is here.  I was also thinking that I shouldn’t have rushed with my camera and hiking boots and should have put on my ski boots instead.  Finally almost 20 minutes later one person made some perfect turns down the center of the run and gave me a little yahoo as they went past.  If you can pull it off mid week riding at Apex Mountain Resort is amazing, you have your own private ski resort to yourself with more fresh turns to be had than your legs can handle.