80 cm’s and counting this week!!!


Add another 40 cm’s on top of the 50 cm’s below and conditions are truly amazing!  It’s still snowing (Sunday night) and it has been snowing for the past three days straight.  More snow in the forecast means fresh tracks all day long with mid week riding coming up.  Epic conditions are only getting better every day!!


Posted Feb 18th below.

“Best day of the season so far” comments James Shalman, General Manager at Apex Mountain Resort, “we’ve had over 50 cm’s in the last 4 days and yesterday (Feb 17th) was amazing.  I was in the office till 1:30 pm before I was able to get out with a camera and there were fresh tracks to be found everywhere!  That’s what I love about this mountain you can get out in the afternoon and still get unbelievable conditions, there were face shots right till last ride up the lift.  Today the skies have parted and it’s going to be another photo op day with a lot more snow in the forecast tonight and tomorrow.  We had a bit of a slow start to winter, but mother nature is making up for it now.  There’s another 30 to 40 cm’s in the forecast over the next few days”.