What’s new at Apex for this season!


5 New Runs!  5 new runs were cut over the summer.  One run aptly named ‘The Cut’ will allow riders to access the Highspeed Quad Chair from the Wildside.  Formerly this was a mountain bike trail that snaked through the trees, with enough whoops to shake your fillings loose.  This was not a recognized trail or run, however many people did use it to save time getting back to the Quad after riding the Wildside. We had our excavator cut down trees and excavate through rock and dirt to cut the new run.  “The Cut” will now be able to be maintained by our grooming machines and provide a safe, easy fun and fast way to circuit back to the Quad from the Wildside.

There is also a new run on the Stocks Chair , it is a blue run with fun undulating terrain and wide open glading and rolling natural features. It is skiers left of Sluice Box and will surely be a new favourite run on the Triple Chair.

Another new run is the Easy Out on the Wildside.  This is a high end green to blue run that has been excavated through the Glades.  This will allow high end beginners and intermediates a way to enjoy more terrain on the mountain.

A new run on the Wildside that was never completed during the initial phase of the Wildside build has now been completed. The 5th run that was cut is a chute that goes down through the Glades on the Wildside.  This is a perfect fall line run with a very consistent pitch.

The 1/2 pipe has also had a facelift and will become a night lit terrain park with new features.  The 1/2 pipe has been filled in and the existing dirt contoured to set up new park features for this season.

A new Guest Service Area, which was formerly the Longshot Bar, will now be transformed in to a multi-use guest service area.  This will be a public environment with uses such as: a place to put on your boots, a brown bag lunch room, find out about upcoming events, or a place to relax and think about where you want to ride next!

Other improvements to the mountain included a $150,000 upgradae to the High Speed Quad Chair.  The ‘Bus’ is back as a rideable feature in the Claim Jumper Terrain Park, however, it’s not the same bus, it’s a longer, wider 80 passenger mega bus.  The lighting on the Adventure Skating Loop has been increased. Improvements to the snowmaking system and a new $260,000 grooming machine.

Our season passes will be on sale online at apexresort.com available at Freeride Boardshop, Pentagaon Boardshop, and the Apex Ski Shop, or purchase from Apex in person at the Cherry Lane Shopping Center from Sept 26th to 29th. Season passes will be on sale until Sept, 29th only!  Don’t miss out on the most affordable way to play.

See ya on the slopes!