Welcome the New Year with Something New


Fitness Plan? Why not do something fun?

Everyone jumps in the gym January 1st.. or maybe the 2nd after spending the previous day drinking Gatorade. So, instead of cramming into your tightest “workout outfit” and staring at biceps-dude next to you while he counts to one thousand, why not try something different? Does a day in the sunshine and fresh air, not to mention the breath taking, mountainous views, sound like better time spent? We think so, too.. And that’s why we have Ladies’ Day starting this Wednesday, Jan. 7th. Every Wednesday all the single ladies… okay, they’re not all single.. but all the ladies’ get together for a ski day, fun group lesson, lunch, glass of wine, and good company every Wednesday.

So if you are thinking of registering or know of someone who may be interested, please call us at 1-250-292-8222 or drop in to Snow School to sign up today!

Lesson Schedule 9:45 am to 11:45 am – Lunch at 12:00 pm

Starts Jan 7th and runs every Wednesday until March 11th

Drop-in: Lesson, Lunch, wine *Does not include lift ticket

Drop-in, Lift Ticket, Lesson, Lunch and Wine



5   Wednesdays *does not include lift ticket $175.00*