Welcome to a New Apex Resort

It is an exciting time at Apex Resort as it was recently purchased by a new group of owners.

 While they are working towards an envisioning process, the new owners are looking to our guests and property owners at Apex to provide ideas on how the resort’s long-term potential could be achieved. Guests and owners will begin to notice improvements to common areas and services. As the resort begins to evolve, we envision the development of the Resort into a four-season mountain with an expanded village. Guest and owners can look forward to hiking, biking and a variety of other summer adventures.

While the ownership is new, many of the original faces remain to greet guests to the mountain. James Shalman remains the General Manager for his 11th year and is supported by a dedicated team of ski and resort professionals. Mike Duggan is a Managing Partner at Apex Resort. His background has been in senior leadership positions at Silver Star Mountain Resort, Sun Peaks Resort, top resorts in Whistler and on the Board of Tourism of British Columbia.

Envisioning Together

The new owners of Apex Resort look forward to working with guests, property owners and other important stakeholders as we determine the  future course of the resort. Together, we have an opportunity to make the Apex experience even better for future generations.

Share Your Apex Stories

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